Friday, 31 January 2014

Puzzling Park Lunches

 Flashback Friday this week is from a park playdate we went to. Miss M wanted to take a lunchbox for all the kids that would be there. I must admit I enjoyed the challenge of packing multiple lunches. They all got the 'same but different'.
Miss M chose to have the car egg, sandwiches, yoghurt, cheese, apple (not cut Mummy, just plain) and some Nutella/peanut butter dip in a little silicon cup colour matched to her lunchbox.

 She chose the fish egg for her little friend. Miss M's friend likes her Vegemite sandwiches, while her siblings prefer jam. I thought it an excellent opportunity to finally make a mix & match puzzle lunch.
I made 2 sandwiches each of vegemite, peanut butter, strawberry jam and honey. Each child got  2 squares of each flavour & were encouraged to swap if they wanted to.

 The older siblings got slinky apples stuffed with sultanas. I ran out of yoghurt so this last Sinchies has juice.

All in all it was great fun watching the kids play with their food and comparing who got what shape and which silicon cup etc. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think they did too ;-)

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.

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