Wednesday, 22 January 2014

First Day at Kindy and A New Nude Lunch Box

 Wow, first day at Kindergarten. It seems only yesterday we started feeding Miss M solids, no wait, that's the other one! Honey has started experimenting with food too, but I'll save that for another post. Today is about our adventure into the Orange Room at our new Kindy. . . and our new lunchbox!

I've been eyeing off the Nude Food Movers range for a while, but have been quite satisfied with our Sistema Quaddie. However, after two years it's starting to get a bit worn, and fingers crossed with a shorter day (at least 2 hours shorter than our daycare days) I won't need to pack quite so much for our little Hoover. . . Garbage Guts. . fantastic eater.

On closer inspection I was surprised at how much room there actually is in the Rubbish Free Lunchbox. Plenty of space for 2 sandwiches, a popper or two large snacks, and two snack pods, perfect for yoghurt, fruit, or anything a bit messy. (These hold about 100mL.)

In our 2L Quaddie we would normally pack:
'Something Else'
Drink (popper size)

In our 1.22L Rubbish Free Lunchbox we can fit:
Yoghurt (in a Sinchies)
Drink (popper size)
and if I wriggled my nose a slice style treat on top (or a muesli bar).
So we're really only missing our 'Something Else' which works out well seeing as Miss M likes to have hers warmed through and they don't do that at this Kindy. They do however have a fridge so I didn't invest in a 'skin'. We'll also be sending a piece of fruit each day for a shared morning tea.

One thing I love is that there are removable pieces! The lids come off (except the centre lid) and the divider can come out too. I know this means more opportunity to loose pieces, but it also gives you more freedom to configure your lunchbox to suit.

Ain't they purty?

Here's another configuration option. I found out this purple double snack box in Coles, and it fits perfectly into the snack pod side. Someone in design has been reading my thoughts! Although not too closely because I still had to rely on my Tupperware square rounds as a sandwich box. All my other sandwich boxes wouldn't fit :-( Removing the snack divider meant a popper would fit nicely and if you squint you can see the Little Bellies Mueslis Choo Chew bar I snuck in the bottom.

Even with the lid on my Tupperware, the sandwich divider fits back in. I take that to mean I have room for the Ice Melt Bottle that's designed to go in here but I haven't seen for sale anywhere. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough. You can get it and most other spare parts for this & other lunch boxes in the range from Smash's own webshop Bonzoo. I find that a little exciting in itself, although by the time you pay for postage it may be more worth your while to keep an eye out for 50% off specials which is where I picked mine up from.

And just because it comes with the snack pods doesn't mean you have to use them. I think in the future I may pre-pack some yoghurt in them both and send one each day with a piece of fruit in the space. Maybe not a piece as large as this orange that Miss M picked out though. . .

To give you another idea of size, here's a muffin packed in too. There is quite a bit wasted space in this compartment.

I got all excited when I saw this pack at Big W. Finally a lunchbox that you can fit sandwich boxes into! I wonder if they will fit into the Rubbish Free Lunchbox. . . ?

Yeah. . .  no :-(

Well, enough about the lunchbox - onto the lunch! Can you guess what our class name is at Kindy this year?

I made an 'Orange' Vegemite sandwich on white with the crust/heel used as the top piece. Cut with an apple cutter I picked up from Target recently. I haven't added the details to my tools & toys page yet, but will get around to it at some stage. Even though Miss M can't read yet, she is recognising some letters. The word 'Orange' was cut from Red Leicester cheese and stuck to some crust off cuts with extra Vegemite.

There was the popper juice with some Little Bellies Choo Chew bars (which I reviewed last year in this post)

A slight change on our regular Pepperoni from Walkerston Country Meats with cheese and crackers. Today it's served with cheese, carrot sticks and dip in the bottom of the container. I did try to make a sort of flower, but that didn't really work and I didn't have the patience tonight to try again ;-)

Our mini 'oranges' are actually rockmelon balls (and in all honesty I removed the picks before I put the lid on. No pretty picks allowed at Kindy :-(  Choking hazard)

I also snuck in an Orange slice biscuit.

Oh, and there's the Sinchies (200ml) with yoghurt. I thought I'd get away with some mango in there seeing as Miss M has taken to stealing my mango & yoghurt snack, but apparently it only tastes good when it's on Mummy's plate.

And here it all is with the lids on. Did you guess? Miss M will be in the 'Orange' class this year ;-)

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page. (Although I haven't updated it with my Back to School 2014 purchases as yet)


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  1. What a great review!!

    I've been unsure about getting one for ages, you may have just convinced me :)

    1. Thank you Keith!

      Seeing as you don't have a giant appetite, you might be more interested in the smaller version of this one - it doesn't have the end part that I used for the popper drink. Unless of course you really want one with a drink holder :-)


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