Monday, 20 January 2014

Choc Bacon Cookies and Some Tips

 I first shared a link to these candied bacon & chic chip biscuits on Facebook last year. Can't believe it's taken me this long to post my trial, but I have been a little busy ;-).
The original recipe is here, and it's been so long since I made them I can't remember what changes I made *sigh*.

I do remember candying the bacon for breakfast,  planning to make them for morning tea. And when that didn't work we ended up with soggy bacon :-(

 I also remember this was the first time I tried this neat trick to separate eggs! I think I first saw it on Youtube, but I seriously couldn't tell you which version I saw first.
Squeeze some air out of your plastic bottle, place it over your yolk. . .

 . . . release the bottle. . .
. . . and watch the yolk gutted sucked up! I've done this a few times now and I've not had a single issue with split yolks!

Then simply squeeze to release the yolk where it's needed.

 You can see a little white still sticks to the yolk, but, really. . . 
. . . I'm not going to complain. This is a simple and fun technique that even the little ones can help with :-)

 Back to the recipe. I haven't made that many batches of biscuits/cookie in my time. Something I'm sure is going to change. This is the texture I ended up with
I made the blobs and didn't bother trying to make them pretty.

 Some I added carmel centred Kisses to . . . hmmmm. . . caramel Kisses. . . 
And here's another close up of the plain chic chip ones.

 This is how they turned out.
They do look delicious don't they! Admittedly they could have done with a few more minutes in the oven, but that's me liking the crunchy bits.

 Which I made sure I and on the caramel Kiss ones.

A strange combination, and very rich. We haven't made these again, but one day perhaps.
This is what I did with my spare egg white rather than making some meringue
Miss M has decided she prefers the whites, and these looked kind of cute baked in a silicon mould I thought.

We are gearing up for our first day at Kindy this week! Are you enjoying your last week of school holidays or heading back early?

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