Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Daiso Goodies

I've heard many wonderful things about Daiso and their vast array of bento goodies. They arrived in Australia last year & this year they made it to Queensland! Luckily I have a sister who is willing to Skype me while checking out the range & is happy to throw together a shopping basket full of treats before coming to visit. And with everything in store being $2.80, it's so easy to figure out how many cuddles we owe ;-P

Lunchbox with moveable divider. This one is quit deep and I haven't gotten around to using it yet, but I can see it being very useful for packing lunches for myself. It holds about 500mL. According to the packet it is freezer (to -20C) & microwave (without lid) safe. No go for the oven, and there's another symbol which I'm assuming is a dishwasher, which is also out of bounds.

Detail Carving Knife. I used this for the first time while making Professor Inkling for International Talk Like a Pirate Day and I was quite happy with it.

Silicon transport moulds. I've only used these as snack dividers so far, and really can't complain. They're a very fine silicon, so I'm not sure about baking with them. The packet says they can handle microwave, hot water, oven & dishwasher. (NB the vast majority of the packet/s are written in Japanese, but generally have pretty self explanatory images.)

More silicon moulds like above, just different shapes.

Bunny & Bear silicon moulds.  (You get either the 2 bunnies, or the 2 bears in a pack) These are thicker than the little guys above and you can get an idea of size from Captain Barnacles in my International Talk Like a Pirate Day lunch. I got a little excited & ripped the packaging for these before really reading it. It seems they're good for the oven, microwave & freezer (-40C-230C), but I'm afraid I can't shed any more light on the official details.

Pretty picks, and for $2.80 per pack, guess which ones are now being sent to daycare?

More pretty picks

Cute animal picks

More cute animal picks

Transport picks

Nori stamp cutter. Again the fist time I'd used this was for my International Talk Like a Pirate Day lunch. Check out Peso's eyes :-)
I've never really done much with nori apart from wrap sushi in it, and even that I haven't done very well. This was easy enough to use & seemed to cut fine. For the small amount of nori I would/will be using I think it will be fine. It's making me think about my regular craft stamps, if only I could remember where we stored them in the move. . .
If you do/intend to do a bit of nori work, check out this fantastic review at Bento, Monsters.

Large silicon bands. I've used some smaller ones for wrapping burgers for Miss M and thought these might fit better. I haven't had the opportunity to try yet, and I realise they are designed more for keeping your lunchbox together than your food :-) According to the packet they  can withstand temperatures from -20C up to 220C, so good for freezer & microwave.

Sadly we've already lost one of these. I sent the elephant to daycare with some sandwich balls in it. Miss M thought she was doing the right thing by throwing the plastic in the bin *sigh*. These have been moved the 'park only' stash now.
I'm a little confused about whether or not you can use these in the microwave (not that I currently have any intentions to). The packet states it has a max temp limit of 80C, but also says 'Please do not use it with the direct fire, the oven, the oven toaster, and the microwave oven.' I'd say play it safe & use it for cold/room temperature things only.

Now to start on the shopping list for my sister's next visit. . .hmmmmm. . . . ;-D

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  1. I always end up buying something in Daiso! Love browsing there.


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