Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Latest Addition

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed I've been a little quiet of late. I'm proud to announce the arrival of our little 'Honey'. She was born on 8th August, 2013, and we are all doing well. Thank you for all your well wishes and to the wonderful Bento Bloggers who have helped to keep Loving Lunches lovely while I've been busy.

Of course I couldn't let this occasion pass without a celebratory lunch for Miss M. It may have been a little late, but better late than never ;-)

Popcorn (because Mummy went 'pop'), yoghurt, a sandwich & 'something else'

Our Vegemite sandwich was cut using a 'big sister-little sister' elephant cutter from The Lunch Punch and detail added with FooDoodlers (links to products can all be found on this page)

For our 'something else' today I sent cheese stick & ham babies as well as some cheerio/mini frankfurt & bread babies. I first saw the idea for these at Bent On Better Lunches.

Simply roll your cheese stick in a slice of ham. . . .

. . .  then cut in half & secure with a food pick (or some raw spaghetti if you're concerned about your picks getting lost or eaten ^-^)

You can add detail with food colouring or black sesame seeds, but I chose the easy way & used some FooDoodlers. I applied the same principle for my cheerio rolls, using a large triangle of pressed bread for the baby blanket and a face cutter for the detail.

You can win the sandwich cutter, muffin cases, and food picks used for this lunch in our Blogiversary giveaway in this previous post

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. This post was written for Loving Lunches. No product was received for this post. All opinions expressed are my own, based on personal experience with the product.


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