Friday, 9 August 2013

Ladybug Lunches Guest Post!

Hello everyone! I'm Karolyn (aka MommyBug) from Ladybug Lunches and I am thrilled to be guest posting for Loving Lunches today! 

My daughter, who I call my Ladybug, is two years old and attends an all day daycare while Hubby and I are at work.  Ladybug really enjoys going to "school" and I love sending her off with bento lunches- it appeases my mind knowing they will come back empty! Also, its a fun creative outlet that forces me to use my imagination to spark Ladybug's interest in food :) 

While the lunch packed below may look like far too much food for a two year old, she has enough food there to get her through lunch and "second lunch."  And like I said, her lunch boxes tend to come home empty-- unless I try to sneak in veggies, then I usually get a "Mommy, I cannot like (insert ANY vegetable name here)! Ladybug's lunch is packed in our EasyLunchboxes, one of our favorite, easy to use lunch boxes. 

In this Ladybug Lunch:
Turkey & String Cheese
Grapes & Honeydew
Frozen Yogurt Flowers
Banana Puffs
Pretzels & Graham Crackers

I had a blast guest posting  for Loving Lunches today, thank you for having me! If you'd like to see more of Ladybug's lunches, hop on over to the Ladybug Lunches blog & feel free to follow Ladybug Lunches on Facebook


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