Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Flashback - Full Lunch

With our move to a new town (& new daycare) Miss M has been asking for some old favourites in her lunchbox, which is great for me - I can make a 'Pingu' sandwich in 2 minutes flat I swear! But, that also means I don't get to make any new pretty things to share. Good thing I've got a few photos from last year I haven't got around to sharing yet :-)

Here we have, working clockwise from top left:
* yoghurt topped withfunny face fruit (nectarine, apricots, sultanas)
* dinner leftovers (potato, carrot, sausage cut with a bean inserted to look like a flower-ish)
* cow sandwich with sultana eyes (using my trusting old Lunch Punch - this was a limited edition cutter)
* trail mix snack with  'grape man' - held together with raw spaghetti


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