Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cozy Cones, Cakes & Cars

I showed you the tractor cakes I made for Miss M's birthday this year in this previous post. We didn't have a big party for her this year, but the other treat I made were Cozy Cones from the movie Cars

(mini ice cream cones filled with mini marshmallows & 'capped' with a mini Oreo)

I purchased some colour powder from Highland Homewares and got stuck in to some mini ice cream cones with a soft brush. Those were the three at the back (and many more in a container ready to go) I also tried with some liquid food colouring (front left), and watered down food colouring (front right). I was concerned that the liquid would turn the cones to mush, and the watered down version did a little.

On her special day, Miss M got a cake sandwich, topped with some butter & sprinkles to mark the occasion.

The Lunch Punch I used is available from Affiliate Nea2Eat

I cheated for her cake though & bought it from Woolworths - I'm not that good :-)  It did get a little squished hiding in the cupboard but she didn't mind.


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  1. How was the cake? Thinking of buying one for my son 's birthday next Saturday. Thanks!

    1. To be honest Mari I found the cake a bit sickly sweet with too much icing - but Miss M loved it. I'm sure simply because it was Lightning McQueen :-) I wouldn't be spending the money again if it wasn't for a specially requested character.
      My other option was to make a ring cake and buy some miniature toys to put on top. I just ran out of time to pull it off. Hope that helps :-)

    2. Thanks a lot! Have to think about the plan B, maybe I could do something by myself...It has to be Lightning McQueen though! :P


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