Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Speed Serve Carrot Cake

 I made my first ever carrot cakes last week & showed you the finished results in my Frosty post.

As you can see I didn't quite follow the instruction as I cooked them in my Kambrook doughnut maker (sadly no longer available, but they'd make awesome cake pops)

 Gather supplies

 Grate carrot in the Kambrook Speed Serve. So quick!

There was a little waste, but not much

Throw all ingredients in a bowl. . . .

Mix until well combined. I've never made carrot cake before & was surprised at the consistency, but it worked!

Here is where I strayed from the recipe opting to cook in doughnut maker instead of patty pans

I did burn a few of the batches, but that's just me getting distracted while cooking instead of paying attention to what I'm doing :-)

I did count, but I can't remember. I think I yielded 52 mini doughnuts from this recipe.

The icing yields *quite* a bit. I did add a lot more icing sugar to the recipe to get the consistency I wanted, and icing Frosty didn't really use very much at all. I now have a bowl of icing in my fridge waiting for another cake to be made. . . or hubby to find it :-D

I found this tutorial on youtube for piping a Christmas wreath & thought I'd give it a go. . . I can see why buttercream icing should be used - cream cheese icing melts too much :-)

You can go into the draw to win a Kambrook Speed Serve in this previous post.

I'm also participating in #reverb12 in Instagram. You can follow my responses to the daily prompt here


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