Monday, 31 December 2012

Fun Bites Review & Giveaway ( Part 1 Cube-It)

When I first saw these FunBites cutters I was so excited at the possibilities. There is so much you can do with a square! And when you add in the option of triangles (with the heart cutter) well it's just about endless!

I'll be reviewing these cutters separately as there's simply too much for one post :-)

I purchased the Cube-It cutter from Lunch Boxes with Love a few months ago & have had a ball with it. I've used it for sandwiches, zucchini slice, cheese, ham, even jelly!
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They are quite simple to use as you would expect from any cutter, but instead of relying on a 'twist' method to cut, these are designed to be rocked back & forth.

The cutting edge is perhaps a little thicker than the Lunch Punch that I'm used to, but they still cut through quite well without the 'smushing' that comes when you twist your cutters on the board.

One thing I found rather handy (and ingenious!) is the pop-out insert. It's designed so you can cut & then pop out your cutting without having to dig out any details with a toothpick. . . or your little finger or a knife which is what lazy old me tends to do :-)

I did find the overall size a little small for the standard size bread I tend to use, having said that, the squares are easy enough to realign & cut again as you can see I did here.

One technique I've heard of but haven't tried yet is to prepare your sandwich with the top slice of bread removed. Cut the top slice, then with this still in the cutter, cut the base of the sandwich. To be honest I didn't really have any issues cutting the sandwich made whole anyway, but thought I'd pass on the tip (thanks to Cristi at Bent on Better Lunches for that one)

* Possibilities limited only by your imagination
* Dishwasher safe (although hand washing is recommended)
* Sturdy & solid
* The popper piece!!
* Suitable for use on a wide variety of foods
* BPA free
* Creates perfect little bite-size pieces

Loving a little less, but liveable:
* Hand washing recommended (although you can wash in the dishwasher)
* The overall size is too small for our regular bread, but too big to get two full cuts out of a slice

I can see us using this cutter a lot this year, and not just for sandwiches. Fruit and cakes/slices would work beautifully with this and they make brilliant toddler bite sizes. So quick & easy to cut such a great range of foods. I love the Cube-It and thanks to the wonderful people at FunBites you have the chance to win one all for yourself!

Stay tuned later in the week for part 2 (Luv-It) when fingers crossed my technology issues will have sorted themselves out ;-)
{EDIT: You can now see the Luv-It review here)

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and no monetary compensation was provided nor offered. This post was written for Loving Lunches & FunBites who generously provided the prize/s for this competition as well as a complimentary 'LuvIt!" sample for review. All opinions expressed are my own based on my personal experience with the review item.


  1. these will be great for small bite sizr pieces of fruit or little sandwiches my kids will love it

  2. What a Fab, fun tool! My little boys would be delighted with little square lunches!

  3. These would be a huge hit in my house :-)

  4. Great for little hands and mouths - making sandwiches fun!

  5. Great giveaway. Funbites will make feeding fussy eaters easy and make them enjoy their food.

  6. This would be wonderful to make food more fun for the kids :)

  7. Love these! Would definitely get used around here... I hate having to cut everything into bite sized pieces!

  8. These look great and would save me heaps of time. I always have to cube up cheese slices, bread, fruit, everything!

  9. Awesome giveaway. They're very useful and would help me make kids meals and snacks much easier.

  10. These are such a cute and creative idea to get kids eating their lunches!

  11. So much fun, for big and little people!

  12. I love extremely simple but extremely handy things like this.

  13. These are a great idea; they make lunches fun for kids! (rafflecopter name is Dianne Childs)

  14. I love this idea! So much possibilty and so much fun to be had!

  15. We try to pack our own lunch and snacks when we go out, and this would help create those prefect bite size pieces for toddler hands. I can see the heart cutter being fun for parties, both kids and adult ones too!

  16. Love this idea. Making food interesting is a good way to get them to eat it all up.

  17. What's great idea, great way to get fussy little eaters to eat & they look really fun :)
    dani N Jacob

  18. What a cool idea :0)

  19. may get the kids eating more friut great idea

  20. These look great!! Great for little fingers for lunch mix it up and have some fun!! Not so much mess for mum!!

  21. These look great. I have 3 girly girls, so they would be perfect for a fairy tea party. (Ally Wilson)

  22. Love to try the chessboard pattern

  23. These are a great way to disguise a sandwich, I might have to give them a try.

  24. these look so good (and easy to use and clean!)

  25. I've been eyeing these in parenting magazines and have been wanting to get one for my son.

  26. What an excellent idea! I would just love to win this for my fussy 2yo, I think she would enjoy her food a lot more if it was in fun shaped bite sized pieces! :)

  27. Since crusts are slightly gnawed then thrown across the floor by Mr 22 months I might as well forget about serving them and get a cool cutter like this.


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