Friday, 7 December 2012

Rudolph Chocolate Crackles

We had our Day Care Christmas party this week, and for bring a plate, the boys were allocated savoury & the girls sweet. I've mentioned before that there's a child in Miss M's class who has a nut/egg allergy & I always like to send along something that *everyone* can enjoy.

 Last year I re-discovered chocolate crackles - you know those 'all things nasty', very special occasion, oh so many childhood memories chocolate crackles! And you know what, the recipe is still printed on copha!

I misjudged how many Coco-pops I had in the cupboard (I cheated & used coco-pops instead of rice bubbles & cocoa) so I topped up with some Number cereal from  Little Bellies

I also misjudged exactly how many I'd get out of a batch. . . many, many, many leftovers were not complained about :-)

Pinspiration found here

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