Friday, 5 October 2012

RSPCA Happy Tails Day

Today was RSPCA Happy Tails Day, so what better excuse to find some cute little animal butts?

When I was looking for ideas I saw some gorgeous cakes on Pinterest, then I thought, what sort of cute animals have cute tails. . . Bumble Bees of course - and that thought also took care of the type of cake I'd make too. I've never made a bee-sting & to be quite honest I'm not a fan of them. There's something about the custard filling that just doesn't sit well with me - give me loads of cream any day :-)

As these were going to daycare I used my new-old favourite banana cake recipe & did them in the doughnut maker, which was a slight disaster, but live & learn. . .

 Cut in half. . . .

 Pipe some really thick custard inside. I cheated & used custard powder ;-)
Make sure you make this the day before, or at least a few hours so it has plenty of time to cool in the fridge

 Pop your tops back on

 And they could be served as is. . .

Or you could top with cream cheese icing and a chocolate shard to turn them into Bumble Bee bottoms :-)

In retrospect I should have iced down all the side as well. . .

And maybe trying to work with chocolate on a 30+ degrees day with high humidity was not a clever idea either

This is what they look like form the top

 En masse
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  1. Wow! I chose a blog at random from the Blogtoberfest sign-up list, and that's how I got here. As soon as I saw the name of this blog I knew I'd LOVE it. Lunch is my favourite time of the day, along with breakfast, dinner, and supper. I would eat all of the things you have posted here, and other things too. If you need help to clean up, just call me. Do you have a dog? That is a lucky dog. My tail is wagging! Murphy

    1. Thanks Murphy! You forgot to mention second breakfast, 11-sies, morning tea, smoko, and my favourite - dessert!
      I often use day care as an experimental ground & the people I work with are also quite happy to take any rejects (that is if I can get them past my husband ;-D )
      There's plenty more where that came from so please sign up for email updates or follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or both)

    2. Murphy, my apologies for not having read your blog before I replied. I asked the Staffie next door to translate for me, even though your English is marvellous! Apparently I need to say:
      Woof, woofwoof wooof Barkbark. Grroof. . .hhahhahha, hha woof
      I hope I got the accent right ;-D


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