Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Cook Up

I apologise in advance for the lengthy post - my creativity got away on me :-)

I was asked to do some baking for work to help celebrate Halloween, and I did some for daycare too while I was at it - Thanks to Pinterest, here is what I came up with:

Cut the curve off some candy-canes. . .

 . . . pop the curves into a blender. . .

. . . blend to a powder. . .

. . . and bake into patty cakes.

My first batch did not work out well. . .

And you can see how much the second batch sunk as well - I'm blaming the candy canes as I used my favourite basic cake recipe.

 The chocolate ones worked out much better. I flavoured them with some peppermint essence & peppermint chocolate bar

Moving on to decorating. . .
Mint Slice + christmas bells. . .

Looks more like a pilgrim hat than a witches' hat. . .

And chocolate covered meringues didn't really work out how I'd planned. . .

and when paired with a Chocolate Wheaten is supposed to look a little like a witches hat. . .

Those candy canes from earlier, plus some jelly beans. . .

And some 2-tone icing. . .

Witch in a Ditch cakes

These are the 'vanilla/mint' with the mint slice hats

I'm a bit proud of the decorating

The chocolate 2-tone icing

Again - just a tad proud

The choc-mint with the choc wheaten/meringue hats

 In all the excitement I forgot to take a photo today so please excuse the terrible lighting

I decided I'd send the excess to daycare but ran out of candy-cane legs, so I improvised & used some Arnott's TeeVee Malt sticks with bananas cut in half for the shoes

Not as nice as the jelly beans, but I'm sure the kids will enjoy them anyway :-)

While we're on witches, I made some broomsticks for them. . .

These are Chang's spiders (noodles in melted chocolate) moulded in a mini-muffin tin with a pretzel handle. In retrospect it would have been easier to put the handle in before I set the chocolate in the fridge, but I wanted the 'skinny' end of the spider at the top

And here are the Reese Peanut Butter Cup version. I was lucky enough to spot a pack of these in the cheap shop the other day so I grabbed them with this in mind

These are also being split between work & daycare - jelly eyeballs. . .

 Well, that's what they're supposed to be anyway. I think they would have worked much better in a different mould, but I only had my mini-muffin tray which gave a rather square finish to the edge

I was going to do some of these edible spider webs for both daycare & work, but these will only be going to daycare

I realise now that I forgot to give the spider legs. . it must be one of those tricky pouncing ones & his legs are tucked underneath him ready to go :-)

I ran out of room in the fridge to let these set properly (they are actually quite large when assembled)

So I left them on the bench & while the chocolate has set, it hasn't set as hard as I would have liked. I ended up cutting the paper under each spider & popping them paper & all into the storage box for the big day

Last one!

I've been racking my brain (and Google) trying to find a biscuit recipe that's egg-free & nut-free so a little boy in Miss M's daycare class doesn't have to miss out on the goodies I make. Then I came across my old scone recipe - egg & nut free!

I had originally planned to do gingerbread men skeletons for daycare & then do voodoo doll versions for work, but ended up adding pumpkin to the scone recipe & attempting a more Jack-O-Lantern inspired creation. . .

I tried with a choc melt mouth

and a coloured nose .. . .

and no nose. I think they're a bit cute for Halloween, but I didn't want anything scary for the little ones.

I do love discovering I can do scones in my Kambrook doughnut maker though!

I haven't linked to all the ingredients like I usually do. If there are any you'd like further information on please let me know & I'll forward the links through

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