Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Lunch

 I did Halloween lunch a day early this year as I knew how busy I would be baking on Halloween 'Eve'

Here I dug out a witch biscuit cutter. I topped out regular ham & cheese sandwich with an extra slice of cheese & a Burgen Rye witch.

Served in Tupperware square rounds

Babybel Cheese sort-of-kind-of, if you squint carved like a Jack-O-Lantern using the mini shapes in the set below

Thank you Pinterest for this idea

I used food picks to hold circles of bread (off cuts from the sand-witch (sorry, couldn't help myself) above) and some cherry tomatoes

I struggled with what to use as a house so I decided to cut up a sausage from dinner & tell Miss M it's  log cabin :)

When I asked Miss M if she wanted a sauce container in her lunch she said no - good girl.

I thought the hat looked better here, so. . .

I made a broom out of a pretzel & a crust off-cut

Snack was cheese & Pepperoni from Walkerston Country Meats again 'carved' like Jack-O-Lanterns. Served with rice crackers

The Fruit I'd planned to change the apple offcuts into the orange & the orange offcuts into the apple, but I tunes out & ate the apple offcuts as I was going - oops!

I realise this seems a lot for a 2.5 year old but honestly the only thing left in her lunchbox this afternoon was the babybel & the apple - which she asked to eat as soon as she got home. I am blessed with a great eater :-)

Things I used to make this lunch

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