Saturday, 19 September 2015

Pirate Fairy vs Pirate Chicken Lunches

 Avast! It be that time o' year agane when we be channelin' ARRR inner piratical selves fer a bit o' humorous fun! International Talk Like a Pirate Day be one o' me favARRRite excuses t' play wi' th' wee ones' food! I be askin' th'm what might be thar requests fo' t'is yar 'n were met wi' quite th' conundrum!
The elder lass insisted upon a Pirate o' th' Fairy nature so I obliged wi' th' aid o' some FooDoodlers, food picks, and a li'l blue pixie dust!
 O' course thar be mandarin fo' th' scurvy 'n cheese skull & crossbones f'r th' fun o' it. I pillaged th' notion from t'is great blog.
 Th' store be out o' me favourite treasure (chocolate coins) so we made do wi' some rice wheels 'n a blue pixie dust cake.

'n we canne' be forgettin' th' yoghurt for th' li'l lass!

 Th' other wee one requested a piratical chicken! Well now!
Some money bags f'r me treasure, 'n mandarin f'r the scurvy seemed th' obvious additions to th' Yumbox.
 Along wi' some more o' that thur fancy cheese 'n a honey soy chicken wing.
Th' pirate be rice wi' egg yolk 'n a little nori made wi' th' chicken egg old from me treasure chest!

Disclosure: Tis not be a sponsored post. Tis post be written fer Loving Lunches. No product were pillaged fer tis post. All opinions expressed ARRR me own, based on me persARRRnal experience with th' product.

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