Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Illooms Balloons Review

**Brought to you by Nuffnang and Illooms**

Have you heard about the latest trend to hit the party scene? Illooms are more than your average balloon, with a small LED light attached at the top which illuminates when activated, so you can literally light up your celebration!

There's something for everyone in the Illooms range which includes mixed colours, mixed girls colours, happy birthday, faces, multi-coloured marble, pink marble, flashing alien and flashing gnome. I was lucky enough to receive samples of all but have't tried them all out as yet. The girls have been happy enough with the few I've they've played with and these balloons last! The yellow one in this photo was inflated 4 days prior and while the light is now out, the balloon is still kicking along!

^That's where the light is! Thanks Honey for showing us :-)

That's what the Illooms plain mixed balloons are like. Cool, right? And easy enough to blow up which was good news for me!
The lights are meant to last up to 15 hours, but the first one I had seemed to turn off after a few hours.  Every other one has been fine so I'm blaming gremlins!

These flashing gnomes were a little more difficult to inflate and the one I tried didn't flash. Perhaps it has to do with how they are sitting?

Miss M shows us how big they inflate to.

  • The easy-pull tab for activating the LED light
  • LED light lasts for up to 15 hours!
  • Available in a variety of themes to help make your celebration memorable
  • The plain mixed Illooms were relatively easy to inflate. I would love to see how they go with machine inflation or helium!
  • They last inflated! So much longer than the regular balloons I have purchased in the past.
  • Available a major retailers Big W, Kmart and Woolworths
  • Illooms comply with global safety regulations and requirements
Loving a little less, but liveable:
  • My flashing gnome didn't flash, but it lit quite well and was still entertaining. I didn't try sitting it different positions too much etc. It was too quickly snavelled away by the munchkins!
  • The odd shaped gnome was difficult to inflate myself, as I find all odd shaped balloons. I'd love to see how these go with machine inflation or helium!
  • I'm not sure if the lights meant to react being tapped. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Good for conserving battery life or toning down the light, but bad if you're in a mosh-pit and want a steady light ;-).
  • Price point could be a deterrent.
I would certainly buy these for a special occasion, they are rather fun! I've already saved some of my samples for Miss M to have a day-time-disco with the best Aunty in the World for school holidays. I really Really want to see how these go with helium!!

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