Friday, 11 September 2015

Hiding Tiger Lunch

 One of Miss M's reading books at prep was 'Hiding' with various animals hiding in the tall dry grass. So I made her a 'Hiding' lunch :-)

Cherry tomatoes hiding under some beetroot, passionfruit hiding in her yoghurt, her tiger sandwich hiding (not very well) in some pretzel grass. For brain break she had strawberries, with green & gold kiwi fruit and milk in her Juice in the Box.
 Honey had the same but different. Her yoghurt was in a pouch
Honey helped to make the lunches and seemed to really go for the Vegemite while I was making Miss M's so I tried one layer of her sandwich as Vegemite. Guess which layer came home >.< Seems she just likes it straight from the jar *sigh*.

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