Monday, 29 June 2015

More Minions

Have you seen the new Minion movie? We are hoping to make it to the cinema while Miss M is on holidays but the days are filling up fast!

I'm back at work now and last week there was a late notice bring a plate morning tea. Rather than trying to bake with two tired munchkins we decided to make Minion Jelly instead! That was the inspiration for their lunches the next day.

I just happened to have some dinner rolls and I wanted to make a dinner roll Minion for the last lunch I made. This one is topped with nori and some mini marshmallows coloured with FooDoodlers. There's also a quickie cheese art to top her 'back up' sandwich ;-)

A golden kiwi fruit.

Minion coloured popcorn.

Miss M had her Minion jelly in a Sinchies food pouch and milk in her Juice in the Box. All this packed into her giant Nude Food Mover Lunch Pack.

I couldn't let Honey go without joining in the fun too. She's got milk in her Juice in the Box too, yoghurt and jelly in the snack pods.
The blue hadn't really set and I didn't let the yellow cool enough to get a nice clean line between the two, but no one seemed to mind :-)

More Minion popcorn and a pear for snacks.

Some mini pies and sauce in the container for lunch. Ham, cheese and FooDoodler details.

Do you like the look of those Juice in the Box drink containers? Stay tuned for more details including a review and giveaway launching this weekend!

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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