Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Teachers Cannot Live By Apples Alone. . .

They need lunch too!

Thank you to Biting the Hand that Feeds You for this fantastic idea! Check out the gorgeous lunches she made for their Teacher Appreciation Day in this post.
My personal shopper did a Daiso run for me and found a fantastic haul.

Each teacher received a cooler bag , tiered lunchbox, dressing bottle, two ongiri boxes, mini cutlery, drink bottle and an ice pack. There were also a few picks included in their lunches.

And different colours so there was no confusion.

Now, on to lunch! I made colour co-ordinated 'menus' for each teacher. They each had a different juice and there was also dietary considerations. Our menu also doubled as a card.

Miss M enjoyed helping to make the salad and decorating with the rainbow carrots that have just come back into our major grocer.

Honey enjoyed the photo shoot that followed

Three lovely salads, all in a row.
I cheated and bought some bags of salad leaves and added the decorative carrots and apple (dipped in apple juice before drying on paper towel). There are some offcuts hidden throughout the salad too.

Ranch dressing in the bottle, with Christmas-y apples and rotisserie chicken.

The sweet snack boxes contained apple and raspberry cupcake or cake pop, depending on dietary requirements. Decorated with pretzels and lollies. This time I used fruit salad jellies, you can see the mint leaves I've used in the past in this previous post. There's also an apple pastry rose each (see my first attempt here) and a mint ball. The ones covered in crushed M&Ms are my Naughty Mint Balls (aka reindeer poop) while the coconut rolled one is a Nice Mint Ball from The Kids Menu.

The savoury snack boxes contained my first attempt at apple crisps. They didn't really turn out as crispy as I would have liked, Chips - yes, crisps - no.
And in the morning I added a Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Apple Stuffing ball to each box. You will have to come back tomorrow for the recipe :-).

These little guys though - finely slice your apple and dip in apple juice. Dry with paper towel. Lay onto a strip of puff pastry so that the skin of the apple is facing out and the pieces overlap, resembling a wave. Fold up the pastry to enclose the bottom half of the strip before rolling tightly. I sat these in a muffin pan to help hold the shape which worked well. Bake at 180 degrees until the pastry is golden.

And if you follow on Instagram you would already know that I had to match the juices to the lunch boxes :-). I admit that I didn't blend these myself. Giving as a gift I didn't want to risk having the flavours wrong. 'Miss Pink' had apple & cranberry. 'Miss Green' had apple, orange, kiwi and spirulina juice. 'Mrs Orange' had carrot, apple & orange juice.

All packed and ready to go. The bags held the lunch and snack boxes. The ice pack and drink bottles were separate.

What did you give your teachers this year?

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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