Thursday, 14 August 2014

Soup Maker Baby Food Fruit Puree

Another thing I've been using our Kambrook Soup Simple for is batch making fruit purees.

Simply pop your chosen fruit (I've been making apple & pear of late) into the Soup Simple with a little water (otherwise it will burn - speaking from experience) and select 'smooth'.

If for some reason it doesn't finish the cycle (this time the fruit collapsed so the machine read it as insufficient contents to blitz) you can always trick the machine into blending by tilting it a little. Again this is against manufacturer's recommendations and I've only done it the once when I was feeling lazy :-)

I like to freeze in an ice cube tray before storing in a zip lock bag. I also like to keep a few Sinchies food pouches of puree in the freezer too. I get two breakfasts out of one 80mL pouch (when combined with porridge).

Would you like to win a Kambrook Soup Simple for yourself? Details in this previous post.

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  1. It will so tasty and A very thankful to you and definitely try this at home for my sweet baby.


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