Friday, 29 August 2014

Divided Container

Another Flashback Friday. I can't remember when I took the photos of this snack box, but I think it was this year.

This one I remember, and not just because of the giant Take & Toss container of whipped cream :-)
This was my 'take a plate' for Mothers' Group last year. Picklets with a selection of jams & butter. I love going to take-a-plate gatherings on Monday because it generally means I make a giant batch of pancakes for breakfast Sunday, ensuring there's enough batter to make picklets. And then I have the excuse to whip some fresh cream too!

Back to the box! This one comes with some cute silicon cups which I tend not to use, but if you were wanting to super-small your serve you quite easily could. 

This box had a sliced cheese stick, jam sandwich cut with a Cube It and a dried fruit medley. I bought the round ones in the hope I could convince Miss M they were lollies (like Jubes) but she wouldn't buy it. Or eat them :-(

 These photos are from a little more recently (since my computer went kaput). Apologies they don't look as pretty.
 Miss M working on her knife skills helping me pack Honey a snack box for the day. I normally pack lunches for Miss M at night, but more often than not I forget about packing Honey and/or I a snack box if we need it until the morning.
Grapes, cheese Cube-It sandwich and strawberries.

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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