Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Soup Maker Packet Cake Mix

I've been sharing a few of the things we've been making with our Kambrook Soup Simple over the last few weeks. I think one of Miss M's favourites would have to be packet cake mix muffins.
(See the burn mark on the bottom? Let's just say that this unit is not designed to make custard ^-^)
Miss M loves helping in the kitchen and cracking eggs are a great task for her.

And packet cake mixes are brilliant for a quick easy treat

I decided that one mix wasn't enough as it didn't quite reach the 'minimum' level for the unit. 

Without any complaints we popped in another pack.

Give a gentle mix

And select blend.

There was a little flour in the corners that didn't mix through completely, knowing that next time I will make sure I give it a better stir through first.

We ended up using one cake and one muffin mix. Both from Betty Crocker (Mr Loving's favourite)

And the best part of baking a cake? Licking the spoons!

Well, spatula in this case.

They didn't last long enough out of the oven for me to take a photo, so please use your imaginations there. Only a few days left of school holidays here, are you ready to go back?

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