Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rockmelon Soup Sorbet

The next in my series of recipes and experiments using the Kambrook Soup Simple. I happened upon a few rockmelons at a good price but my little fruit bats didn't quite get through them before they started to turn, so I hit up Google in search of a rockmelon soup recipe. I did fine one savoury one from Matt Moran, but opted for a sweet version, inspired by this rockmelon & raspberry soup recipe.
I cheated and used the plastic jug that comes with the Soup Simple to hold the cut melon. (This is not recommended, but I was feeling lazy & it meant I didn't need quite so much melon)

Blend for 2 minutes, which didn't quite finish the job, mainly because the jug spins a little while blending - this is why you should follow the manufacturer's instructions ;-)

Ahh, another blend and we're set.

After tasting I thought the rockmelon would taste great with some coconut. . .

Give it a few pulses and sweeten to taste, I added a good tablespoon or so of caster sugar to this batch.

Pour into a freezer container. Freeze until firm (about an hour), whisk and freeze again.

Then you can enjoy to your heart's content as is. . .

. . . but you know me - everything tastes better with chocolate.

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