Friday, 20 June 2014

Park Lunches

Throwing together a quick 'Flashback Friday' this week. These are all from before Honey was born, eek! 

These Decor Quarters are 'Daddy & Me' lunches. Some mini chocolate muffins, popcorn & dried fruit trail mix, sandwiches with packet biscuits and a nut bar for him and a cheese stick for Miss M.

I also sent some frozen Gogo Juice along with them.

I remember this lunch! It was one of our last family of three outings. We had sandwiches, mini chocolate and vanilla muffins, cheese chunks, ANZAC slice remnants and some apples.

A treat lunch for taking to the pool one day. I had a doughnut, fruit pack (no idea why I had packet fruit, perhaps someone had been on a plane and brought their leftovers?), a sandwich, and some strawberries with peanut butter & Nutella dip.
Miss M had a doughnut, sandwich rolls, and fruit in her little character bags.

I think this may have been a pool lunch too. Both contain apple with peanut butter/Nutella dip and some FunBites sandwich shapes. Miss M's also has a juice, some biscuits and dip. Mine has some strawberries and packet biscuits. Any guesses who actually got to eat the strawberries?

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.

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