Friday, 6 June 2014

May on Instagram

Goodness, I'm sure every month I ask where the time went, so this month I'm not going to. We had fun, did you?
Loving a mash up to celebrate our instant winter here in central QLD… #elsa Dash is #20%cooler  #mlp #rainbowdash #fim #frozen #bento #cheeseart Loving purple today… as luck would have it Honey has her gym snack box with purple muffin liner, red grapes and purple rice cakes for today's snack Loving getting spoilt for #mothersday … Loving my likeness… thank you Miss M for a lovely #mothersday  #toddlerart Loving the best #mothersday gift… sleepy snuggles with Honey. And a groovy necklace from Miss M too Loving a cheat… 3 ingredient #toblerone cheesecake. Yum! Loving some toddler help decorating some @roushini inspired #bollywood bikkies… Loving @merrycrismess for the inspiration for our @roushini #bollywood #bento tomorrow… mango lassi, 'henna' hand and coconut ladoo Loving looking forward to our baby play date in the park… bring a plate so our @easylunchboxes get an outing too! Laming ton bites from @Coles, @littlebellies banana cereal and a bib. Don't forget mummy's cuppa too! Loving that Honey has decided to take a nap just in time for @lunchboxdad 's appearance on @themorningshow soon… Loving @lunchboxdad on the morning show now! #tms7 Loving my attempt at #Tigress from #kungfupanda for Miss M's lunch tomorrow… #bento #dreamworks #frd14 Loving that I ironed out the bugs in my bolognaise sauce recipe so it can go in the @kambrookau Quatto multi cooker… so nice having dinner cooked when rush hour hits Loving a Sunday morning line up… Loving a lazy lunch for tomorrow. Miss M is still requesting Indian elephants after @roushinisfunidia 's visit last week. Jam sandwich, milk bottle below, ham and cheese flower, yogurt. All in @nudefoodmovers. Sandwich cut with @thelunchpunch Loving the accidental rainbow in Honey's snack box today… Loving the universe… I was just thinking this morning the best thing for the cold Miss M so kindly shared with me would be a good garlicky soup! Thank you @kambrookau for my new toy. Stay tuned for your chance to #win one for yourself Loving flu brain… note to self. When making sweet potato &pear soup- don't forget the pear ☺️ with @kambrookau Soup Simple Loving a set & forget vege fix… sweet potato & pear soup in my new @kambrookau Soup Simple. Yum!! Loving a visual #mondegreen… I just read this as bacon & cookie milkshake  with @kambrookau #SoupSimple Loving a treat … banana chocolate milkshake in our @kambrookau #soupsimple . Forgot to pick up chocolate cookies at the grocery so had to sacrifice some of my TimTam stash. #yum Loving #justwhatthedoctorordered … chicken noodle soup in our @kambrookau #soupsimple  #fluBgone Loving a life lesson… you can't make custard in a #soupsimple . With @kambrookau Loving when inspiration hits… working on a special lunch for @wendolonia You'll have to wait a few weeks to see the complete lunch Loving my new favourite way to make packet cake batter… with @kambrookau #soupsimple Loving a #repurpose… you say map of USA. I say happy whale  #bento #doyouseewhatisee Loving a simple lunch today… quick and easy @thelunchpunch Sanger with ham and cheese flower & yoghurt. Served in @nudefoodmovers Loving slow cook Japanese curry in our @kambrookau #QuatroMultiCooker… and using up bread crusts on the crumbed chicken too. Win win! Loving toddler-isms… me: 'Would you like Honey size or Mummy size pancakes this morning?'  Miss M: 'actually, Mummy, I prefer wrigglies' (aka 2 minute noodles). #notmychild Loving Miss M… 'actually, Mummy- I didn't realise there was going to be spirit (aka syrup). Could I have pancakes now please?' *sigh* Loving the smoothest pancake mix thanks to @kambrookau #soupsimple blend function… #happy

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