Monday, 9 September 2013

Create A Shape

One thing I love is getting new toys to play with. When I purchased my Create A Shape mini cutter (you can see this & many of my other tools/toys on this page) the first thing I did was to cut up all the little corner off-cuts from the next day's sandwich

I had layer upon layer of little mini shapes.

Some had filling (ham and or cheese), and some didn't.

After I'd finished playing I skewered all the pieces, popped into the container with the sandwich & some cherry tomatoes that were supposed to be cut as hearts, I think I got the angle a little wrong :-)

I do love this little cutter set, it was a great set to start me off. Miss M's most requested sandwich 'Pingu' can be made using the storage container as the large cutter, and the small inner circle to cut the eyes. I haven't tried to cut anything too hard (like raw carrot) with this plastic set, but it has handled what I've thrown at it so far


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