Monday, 12 November 2012

Re-Purpose . . . Sush-Ezi

In our D.I.N.K. days, hubby & I loved sushi & would make it around once a month. Despite that we never quite managed to master the art of rolling the sushi, so one Christmas, Santa brought us a Sush-Ezi. I did pull it out recently to actually make sushi again when  I couldn't fine my sushi mat, but in the past year I've used it more for other purposes. . .

Yesterday I shared my ANZAC biscuits that I shaped using the Sush-Ezi. Today I thought I'd do a double re-purpose. Did you notice the mystery roll in between the two ANZAC rolls yesterday?. . .

How many of you have a Tupperware Jel-Ring, or attended a Jel-Ring Tupperware party? I went to one a few years ago & we made two dishes. One was a Black Forrest Cake, the other was pizza. I searched the net for the 'real' Jel-ring recipe, but never really found it. I found all sorts of variations, so this is what I ended up making.

 I used about half a loaf of bread, crusts removed & cut in half (rectangles). Spread one side with tomato or pizza paste. Oil the Sush-Ezi (I learned that one the hard way). Lay in a half slice of bread, a half slice of ham (square ham, cut into rectangles) and a half slice of cheese (I used the processed square stuff, cut into rectangles again). Lather, rinse, repeat :-)

I ended up with about 5 layers in total. You could refrigerate this for a while to allow it to firm up, or compress it with the Sush-Ezi. I compressed & then wrapped in Glad wrap (cling film) and froze.

I then proceeded to forget about it until I cleaned out the freezer & here we are, however many months later - oops ;-P

Straight from the freezer, use a bread knife to cut into discs. Some of the pieces broke apart while being sliced, others had a helping hand afterwards. . .

Raw & ready to bake.

I use aluminium foil because I hate washing up :-)

Spray lightly with oil, bake at 180 degrees (C) for around 10 minutes

These probably could have been baked a little longer to give them some more colour & crunch, but we were hungry . . .

 . . .and the cheese had reached maximum 'oozy-ness'

These are just the right size for little hands. . .

 . . .and little mouths


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