Thursday, 15 November 2012

Re-Purpose. . . Chocolate Moulds

I have been eyeing off some of these little silicone cups from the cheap shops for a little while now & finally gave in. My excuse is that they are multi-taskers. . .

Sauce container (without being too big)

Jelly mould (serve on yoghurt here)

(This is what happens when you forget you have jelly in the back of the fridge)

But she ate it all anyway :-)

Frozen yoghurt shapes. . .

(OK I cheated, I used this idea once before. . . you can see my last post about yoghurt shapes here)

Cheesey bite moulds. . This is the first time I've tried this & I must admit I wasn't fussed on the end result, but I did use 3 different sorts of cheese in the one mould so maybe that was my problem. I also melted the cheese in the moulds which meant the fat went all goo-ey on top. . . A good excuse to try again I think :-)

What do you use your silicone moulds for?


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