Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Once Upon a Time. . . part 3

Previously. . . .

Miss M received a book of Disney's Cinderella  & with the pending re-release on DVD & Blu Ray I decided to get in on the act.

Tuesday we set the scene with a Lucifer sandwich & 4 mice.

Wednesday was horse & carriage time.

Today we brought out the fairy godmother, although she's a bit more fairy than godmother - these ones have wings

I cheated again with packing the leftovers under some baking paper :-)

I used the butterfly cutter & separated the wings to use behind the gingerbread men fairies. Then I thought they needed dresses so used some offcuts of ham

 I used my FooDoodlers to add some spots to the wings

Served in Tupperware square rounds

 This one looks more like a butterfly because I couldn't figure out how to add a face without it looking freaky-weird. . .

Cheerio with Steggles Fairy Snacks hearts (trimmed) attached with raw spaghetti

Some more Steggles Fairy Snacks, this time the butterflies with cheese gingerbread men

The gingerbread cutter was part of an Ateco set I bought last year from Spotlight

I also did up a snack fairy, similar to the butterfly snack I first showed you here

Here she is from the back - can you see the bag seal I used? It's a little old, I bought if from Ikea ages ago, but have seen them in the cheap shops now.

Raid the stash of stickers from the cheap shop for a decent size princess to become a fairy. . . . 

. . . . And there you have it

I did up another milk box with more stickers too :-)

Only one day of day care to go until Cinderella is released. Please join us again tomorrow for the last instalment of this series.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. This post was written for Loving Lunches. No product was received for this post.

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