Friday, 7 September 2012

Another Giant Lunchbox

This is another early lunchbox for us. Can you see I was starting to learn some of the tricks?

We have my Tupperware tiered box filled with:
* popcorn
* macadamia nut butterfly snack
* dip & celery sticks in Tupperware
* own bottle of milk (cheaper than the poppers)
* apple
* diced pear in more Tupperware
* mini yoghurt
* sausage with frozen peas/carrot/corn mix in Take & Toss
*strawberry jam heart sandwich with grape again in Take & Toss

This is a simple variation on a plain old sandwich (and the first time I'd done it so a little messy). I learned that there actually is such a thing as too much jam :-) Since then I also leave the crust on 2 sides to help shape the heart a bit easier.

Got a leftover sausage you're wanting to send for lunch but nothing to really go with it? Dig into your frozen vegetable stash & top up with some of your munchkin's favourites. We always have a peas/carrot/corn mix in the freezer. I find it great for bulking out lunches and for those nights when chopping veges is just too much. And hey, extra vegetables can't be a bad thing can it?


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. This post was written for Loving Lunches. No product was received for this post.

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