Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Once Upon a Time. . . part 2

Previously. . . .

Miss M received a book of Disney's Cinderella  & with the pending re-release on DVD & Blu Ray I decided to get in on the act.

Yesterday we set the scene with a Lucifer sandwich & 4 mice. Today, we have a bit of Bibbidy, bobby, boo for you!

I am definitely not an artist, but if you squint I think you can see a similarity between the sticker which I decided not to use in case it was eaten & the FooDoodler image on cheese

And here is our 'pumpkin' coach :-)

Made from rockmelon with tomato wheels, ham window & cheese princess

 Cinderella's Fairy Godmother turns her horse into a coachman, her dog into a footman & her mice friends into horses (an inefficient use of magic in my view - there was already a horse available. . . )

Here we have 2 sandwich horses, a cheese horse & a ham horse (made using the leftovers from the coach above)

All served in Tupperware square rounds

After seeing the wastage & leftovers, I decided to pack them in too. I simply used a piece of baking paper to separate the pretty bits from the rest

The final product

Here's a simple idea for a special treat - stickers from the cheap shop decorating your drink. I normally send Devondale long life 'poppers' as they fit into the lunchbox beautifully. I would prefer to send a disposable bottle I could refill myself, but the one that came with the lunchbox is a little difficult for Miss S to drink from yet.

Join us again tomorrow for more Cinder-elly fun


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  1. Your creations are totaly cute! I think I may need to be more creative.

    1. Thank you Mina! Please don't think this is the sort if lunch she gets everyday ;-). When we're at home it's squares or triangles, and most days when I ask what she wants she says 'Pingu sandwich' that's an easy one :-D
      I find it relaxing and exciting coming up with ideas and playing with her food. So glad I've found something that has to be done that I enjoy- unlike the vacuuming, and washing, and dusting… ;-)


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