Monday, 19 October 2015

Lost Lunch Round Up

Have you noticed I've been a bit quiet of late? I've been flat out working, doing school runs, trying to get to the gym at least once a week. .  . and then on top of that and (attempting to) run a household and a blog I'm also getting busier with Little Bento World Parties and have signed up to Jamberry Nails! **phew!!** So here's some lunches in no particular order that haven't made it to publication yet :-)

This Easy Lunchbox was filled with nibbles for Honey to enjoy while I ran a Little Bento World in home demonstration. Click here to find out how you can see the best of the range in person!

Simple flowers for Miss M. Yoghurt, mandarin flower (inspired by Wendolonia), flower sandwich made with multi-sized cookie cutters, tulip silicon cup of grapes and a Take & Toss spoon.

Simple lunch for Miss M.
Apples, Fairy Lunch Punch, cashew butter/nutella dip in the cake pop mould, yogurt.
Another simple Easy Lunchbox for Honey to nibble on while I Little Bento Party-d :-)
Broccoli Bites, butter sandwich, cereal trail mix, macadamia honey mini cake, grapes.

Easy EasyLunchbox for Miss M. Yoghurt, apple slices, sandwich with 'Eat Me' cookie stamp imprinted with FooDoodler and cashew/Nutella dip. Juice in her Juice in the Box.
Random snack box of trail mix, sandwich and kiwi fruit.

Nibble box for Honey while I'm doing a Little Bento Party. Fruit, fruit, fruit and a sandwich :-)

Sandwich, fruit salad, salami/cheese/crackers, yoghurt.

Sandwich, 2 minutes noodles, yoghurt, cheerios and fruit salad. Must have been a last minute long daycare day.

Sports day for Miss M and I let her have tuckshop. She still took fruit and yoghurt.

Flower lunch with hash browns.

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