Friday, 2 October 2015

Easy Lunchbox Dinners

 For the school holidays I chose to trial working less days but for longer hours, which meant that the girls would most likely be aiming up for dinner at around their pick up time if not earlier, so I packed them dinner as well as lunch!
 And while I was packing their dinner, I made one for myself as lunch. I had Ferrero Rocher for my dessert instead of healthy yoghurt like the girls did. We all had garlic bread, lasagne muffins and salad.
I love these Texas Muffin cups I picked up in New Zealand last time we were there. They are a little tall for the Easy Lunchboxes but make a great sized meal. I made the lasagnes on the weekend prior and froze these babies ready to pack on the fly which made these dinner super quick to assemble. All I had to do was toss in some salad, some story bought garlic bread, and the variations on dessert.

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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