Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lunchbox Line Up Australia

Want to see how the new EasyLunchboxes stack up against a couple of tried and true Aussie favourites? Well, the ones from my collection anyway. . . This has been on my list to do for a while, and now that EasyLunchBoxes are available in Australia (affiliate link there), what better time to tick it off my list! So here's visual size guide for you.
 Top to bottom we have
Easy LunchBoxes
Decor Quarters
Nude Food Movers Mini Rubbish Free Lunchbox
Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunchbox
Tupperware Big Luncher
Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Plus
And from above. . .

Lids off/open.

You can purchase a drink bottle with sock to go with the Nude Food Movers. Here's how that fits in the other boxes. I also tried the sandwich saver from the Nude Food Movers in the ELB without any luck.

And for an easy visual size comparison, what a popper (aka juice box) look like in them all too.

Unfortunately those store bought mini yoghurts don't quite fit. The lid can be secured with a band, but you risk the rest of your lunch perhaps not being at its' freshest.

A few other easy visual guides as to the size of the EasyLunchBoxes.

A few of my mini container-stash also got to have a dance with the EasyLunchBoxes. As you can see, some were a little 'two left feet'. If you are planning on using the ELBs remember they are microwave safe! Meaning you can pack a complete microwave meal (including a cold dessert - yippee!) in there. Just remember to remove the elements you don't want heated, or pack the element you do want heated into a removable microwave container. Also, they are not leak proof, so any liquids really need to be sealed in a separate internal container, or packed elsewhere. The mini-dippers are great for yoghurts, sauces, dressings etc and as you can see, fit perfectly! (Top of the 'Win' column)

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