Friday, 19 September 2014

I'm a Little Pirate. . .

Avast! Could it be that time o' year ag'in when land lubbers fly the colours 'n don thar bandanas to celARRbrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day?!?

I shared some treasure wi' ye' all t'ther day. If ye' missed it, here be a link fer ye.

Me bonny lass ha' been singin' a shanty o' late that brings a smile to t'is ol' sea dogs' heart. Have ye' heard it before? To th' tune o' 'I'm a Little Teapot'. . .
Thar be some strawberries skewered with swords; pepperoni & cheese fer th' plug; apple, blueberry & yoghurt fer th' hat 'n eyepatch. Th' ship be a jam sandwich fancified wit' them thar FooDoodlers 'n some jolly food picks. Th' Flying Duckman will be sorely missed.

Details o' me treasure can be found o' this map.


Disclosure: Tis be not a sponsored post. Tis post be written fer Loving Lunches. No product were pillaged fer tis post. All opinions expressed ARRR me own, based on my persARRRnal experience with th product.

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  1. I never heard that song before - very cute, and fantastic lunch too!


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