Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pumpkin Soup & Sandwich Crust Croutons

With the weather turning colder, what better time to start talking soups?

Do you have a favourite? I find it difficult to go past a good old traditional Pumpkin Soup. Especially when it's creamy & rich. I'm sure there's a trick to picking the perfect pumpkin for a soup, but quite frankly I just buy whatever's on special that week!

Then you have the 'how do I transport this?' question. I've started taking mine to work in my 200ml Sinchies.

You can win a starter pack of Sinchies in our current competition in this previous post.

I was going to save this for a series on using sandwich crusts, but here we go anyway ;-)

What do you do with your sandwich crusts/offcuts? If you cut your bread before applying any spread, or if you use a filling like our favourite ham & cheese it's easy to save your offcuts & freeze.

I have a couple of tried & true recipes that we have regularly now that we no longer take our offcuts to the park to feed the ducks, and croutons is one of my personal favourites.

These long crusts are perfect for dipping into the Sinchies.

I simply fry thawed crusts over a medium heat in *lots* of butter & garlic powder, turning until all sides are golden & they are suitably crunchy. I do tend to add more butter as I go so I'm not entirely sure how much I use - suffice to say this is not a diet recipe ;-)

Allow to cool before storing in an air tight container if not using straight away. Best used within a day of cooking for texture.

This lunch is linked. . .


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