Friday 7 June 2013

Bananas In Pyjamas . . .

 . . . are coming down the stairs. . .

Now that I have you all humming a song that will be stuck in your head for weeks, please understand that I am simply sharing the love since Miss M has recently rediscovered this ABC show. And what else is a Mumma to send for lunch when there's a Pyjama day at daycare?

I know it's a little hard to see the likeness, but if you squint, you can see Lulu, Morgan & Amy here made with my trusty CuteZCute. Lulu's 'bow' is actually a mini butterfly, and I discovered I'm missing one of my red bows, so Amy ended up with a flower & a bow. (sadly these are both now missing too - everybody altogether 'Awwww. . . ' )

The size of the container I normally use for sandwiches didn't really accommodate three bears, but I was thrilled to discover that the CuteZCute shape fits perfectly in my Take & Toss Bowls! So, the girls ended up in the bowl together. . .

. . . and Morgan ended up in with the Bananas. Made from cheerios with cute face cutter and coloured with FooDoodlers

 I have had a bit of success with cheese art so thought it would be perfect to quickly add a bit of character to Miss M's favourite snack. Alas the stars did not align and my attempts this time were not entirely successful. I'm not 100% sure what I did wrong, other than using my old black marker before remembering I had a new one hiding, and having to deal with a toddler melt down half way through also didn't help things too much :-)

Of course the fruit of the day would have to be a banana. . .in pyjamas!

I do tend to send bananas quite a bit, being that Miss M loves them, and I often 'doodle' on them with non-toxic marker. Partly for fun & partly to identify hers from however many others end up in the fridge at daycare.

I found this one in my archives of photos from last year, but surprised myself to discover I haven't taken more photos of my little banana art. Not that I'm much of an artist, but turning a spotty banana into a leopard as you run out the door in the morning is certainly cause to celebrate with a photo in my book. Something I must rectify in the future. You can see the Cheshire Cat smile I did a few weeks ago in this post.

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