Monday, 14 January 2013

Lunch Box Experiment (Part 1)

Our first day at our new day care I decided to do an experiment. This is a fairly typical lunch box for us these days. (Admittedly I cheated and used store bought in this lunch more than I normally would)

Here we have (clockwise from top left) 4 cheerios, yoghurt, crackers/cheese/pepperoni, kiwi fruit, biscuits, popper/juice box, sandwich (I used Brumby's bread today for the size)

Not pictured is the piece of fruit also sent for morning tea.

One of the main issues in my search for the perfect lunchbox is finding something large enough to take enough food for Miss M to last the whole day. We've been blessed with a fantastic eater in this one and she normally has no problems eating what I consider to be a large quantity for an almost 3 year old. Like most people there are days when she eats more or less, but I like to make sure she has plenty available seeing as she stays in day care so long (up to 9 hours some days, but that's mostly because she refuses to leave ^_^)

 It took some experimentation, but all this fits nicely into her Sistema Quaddie (NB, we have the large, not the slimline).

On top she has a drink, fruit & a treat.
Inside she has 2 small containers (a snack & a yoghurt) and 2 Tupperware 200ml square rounds (a sandwich & 'something else', normally leftovers)

The small containers came from a $2 shop, but I can't remember which one, sorry. The square rounds came from eBay as they are not part of the regular Australian range.

Tune in later in the week to see how this lunch fits into my other favourite lunch boxes. You'll be able to click through to the posts here and here when they are published.

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