Sunday, 19 August 2012

RSPCA Cupcake Day

Have you heard? Yet another excuse to eat cake!

Are you doing anything to celebrate/support RSPCA Cupcake Day on Monday 20th August?

Here's a sample of what Miss M & I whipped up today

Miss M 'helping' to decorate. Figured out she could 'dip' the patty cakes in 100s & 1000s without too much of a mess . . . but then there are the bite marks to deal with *sigh*

 Strawberry Butterfly's. Will post a tutorial for this soon
P-Inspiration found: here

Miss M's Strawberry butterfly. . .

Hippos & Piggies. For some reason my camera decided to chew up the shots of the multiples so we're left with the shots of my first goes. . . oh well, you get the idea
 P-Inspiration found here:

 Lady Bug Cupcakes.
(I realised after I'd taken all the photos I'd forgotten the black line down the middle)
Red-ish icing
chocolate flakes
half dark choc melt
white choc drops
Cake Mate Writing Gel
P-Inspiration found : here

 Turtles - now the inspiration for these used spearmint leaves, but I personally prefer bananas, so we got Rainbow Turtles instead.
Banana lollies; jubes; mini marshmallows (halved); Natural Confectionery Company Forbidden Fruit
P-Inspiration found: here

Funny face frogs
Marshmallows (halved)
Confetti sprinkles
Zaidee's Rainbow Strings
P-Inspiration found: here


  1. Those frogs and pigs are beyond cute! I love Miss M's picasso efforts too!

  2. PS Who is eating all these cupcakes? I wish I lived closer to you!

  3. Thank you Anna! I let Miss M eat her Picasso, but when the icing was gone I think she lost interest :-)

    Most of the others are going to mothers group at the park, but I'll have to reserve some to go to daycare and some for my work. Might just have to make up a few more this afternoon/tomorrow depending on how popular they are. . .


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