Friday, 24 August 2012

Father's Day Breakfast

Father's Day is fast approaching. Do you have anything special planned? Sundays are normally our 'egg-breakfast' day and of course anything with bacon is going to be a winner with hubby :-)

I remember a few years ago seeing a story on Better Homes & Gardens  about making the perfect scrambled eggs with Fast Ed. Since then I've never looked at good old scrambled eggs the same.

I made this batch when the fridge was a little bare so please forgive the basic ingredients, but at least it's a good place to start from

Start with all your ingredients. . . .

in a bowl.
The kids will love helping here

For ratios this is roughly what I work on

2-3 eggs (depending on your mood)
1-2 tbsp cream
1-2 tbsp butter (I use the block style, cubed)
1 small handful of grated cheese
1 small handful of diced bacon (I normally use Ray & Otto's Special Pepperoni (from Walkerston Country Meats), but we're running low on supply so it's being rationed ;-D )

Mix gently. . .

you want to break the yolk, but not fully incorporate it

Heat your pan to medium (or lower if you have the patience)

 & add your egg mix.
Can you see how the whites still hold their own?

Gently scrape across the pan -that way you get those gorgeous long curls of egg

Fast Ed's tip - Don't overcook it! You still want to see a bit of shine from the liquid -don't forget it will continue to cook off the heat in the pan & also in a bowl. I personally prefer to cook a little further than that so that there's only a glimmer of liquid, but that's me.

Other ingredients to add:
sauteed mushrooms (the more butter the better, right?)
tomato (cherry or regular)

Serve as is or as part of a full cooked breakfast

Also great for a 'I don't know what I want for lunch so long as it's not another sandwich' day and dinners when you need a little break


  1. Great tutorial! I am still learning how to make edible scrambled eggs, so I will try this method next time!
    I love the color of your egg yolks too! Are those regular eggs from the store? Ours are so pale by comparison (and most eggs are as white as white can be, but you can buy brown ones).

    1. Regular store eggs - they're even the caged ones I think, nothing organic or extra special about them :-) . We normally just get whatever's cheapest at the time.
      Thank you so much for the feedback - would love to hear how your next batch of eggs go!


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