Friday, 13 December 2013

Last of the Halloween Lunches

I didn't quite get around to posting these this year, so I thought I'd save them for the next Friday the 13th. Lucky for me it wasn't too much of a wait & now it classifies as a Flashback Friday. . .well, it does in my book :-)
I did make some Mummy-Dogs last year and they were quite the hit, so I thought I'd do a repeat again this year to go with the little finger puppet I picked up from Big W.

This year I used a straw to cut the eyes from cheese & used black sesame seeds for detail. I also packed a little extra pasta and some tomato sauce.
This finger puppet from the same set was the inspiration for this sandwich. I must admit it turned out a lot creepier than I thought it would!
I used the lid of my Create-a-Shape rather than a cookie cutter because I was feeling lazy, and you can see that it didn't cut very cleanly.

There is a full slice of ham inside. Topped with cheese and ham cut using the Create-a-Shape and black sesame seeds add detail.
This was another day in Halloween week. . .

We had chicken schnitzel for dinner and I wanted to somehow incorporate the little green monster finger puppet here.
So half a schnitzel, topped with spinach tortilla, cheese, sultana and nori later, and there you have a mini monster. Is it just me, or does everyone know automatically think Mike Wazowski when they see a one-eyed green monster?

The little star container has some tomato sauce.

Details of my tools & toys can be found on this page.


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  1. Saw this on What Kids Eat Wednesday--I absolutely LOVE the mummy dogs!

  2. Awesome! Love all the ideas! Thanks for linking up at #whatkidseatwednesday


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