Monday, 7 December 2015

Lost Daycare Lunches

I must admit that poor honey's lunches have been a little on the boring side. She gets a pretty sandwich but then the rest of it is pretty well tossed together. I still stick to my old daycare formula of something else for lunch, fruit and yoghurt for morning tea and a snack with sandwich for afternoon tea. Here's some of the Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunchboxes she's been taking.
Sinchies yoghurt pouch, beetorrot & tomatoes, pretzels, CuteZCute tiger sandwich, milk Juice in the Box, kiwi and strawberry salad.

Fruit salad, dip, crackers, CuteZCute koala sandwich, beetroot, yoghurt.

Sinchies yoghurt pouch, spaghetti, cucumber and cheese, cow sandwich, milk Juice in the Box, watermelon and rockmelon.

Sinchies yoghurt pouch, pies, popcorn, sandwich, watermelon

Sinchies yoghurt, cheese, pasta with peas and corn, crackers, sandwich, strawberries and blueberries.

Sincheis yoghurt pouch, dinner leftovers (beans, carrot, baby corn, rice and BBQ chicken drumstick), ANZAC biscuits, sandwich, cheese/ham flower, mandarin/blueberry flower, milk Juice in the Box.

Sinchies yoghurt pouch, spaghetti, ANZAC biscuit, crisps and sip, sandwich, strawberries

Pumpkin soup, ANZAC biscuit, sandwich, yoghurt, apple flower, juice in our Juice in the Box.

Ham & cheese flower, banana, sandwich, yoghurt and corn on the cob.

Cheese, crackers, ham flower, dinosaur sandwich, pasta leftovers, yoghurt, kiwi fruit and strawberry flower.

Ham & cheese 'monster' croissant, picklet, sandwich, juice in her Juice in the Box, yoghurt, strawberries.

Popcorn, sandwich, yoghurt, watermelon balls, pies.

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