Friday, 7 August 2015

Froggy Fun Lunch

 I love that Honey is into soup! Well, accepting of it anyway. Miss M never did go for it but if you catch her in the right mood Honey will easily demolish a full adult serve. Which is kind of nice considering how little she usually eats. I took advantage of a big batch of Sweet Potato & Pear soup that took her fancy and packed it for her lunch for an extra verge hit.

She also had double fruit today with Gogo Juice in her Juice in the Box and double protein with her 'bunny eggy' and some pepperoni with cheese, not to mention the yoghurt.
 I squished her Lunch Punch sandwich a little too hard and his eye popped!Looks like he's winking, right?
 Fun froggy pick in some strawberries
And a little FooDoodler stamp on some cheese.

I'm loving her imagination right now and how she 'ribbits' around the bath. *sigh*

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