Monday, 17 November 2014

Wall-E Lunch

There's something so very sweet about Wall-E and I'm so glad that Miss M has finally shown an interest in it (makes a change from My Little Pony). She was so excited when I suggested I should make her a Wall-E lunch.
Of course I suggested E.V.E. be made from a boiled egg. It's such an obvious choice and I know I'm not the first to come to that conclusion. Some nori and FooDoodlers finished the job. Using an eye pick and a square silicon cup, filling it with a block of cheese wasn't much of a stretch either, but when Miss M insisted on including the boot with the plant I was a little lost. Until I remembered these cute picks - hey presto!

She also wanted the scene where Wall-E & E.V.E. dance but was happy just to have some star sprinkles in her yoghurt for the night sky instead. She didn't even complain about the colour running :-)

For snack I sent some more bean sprouts (a.k.a. plant) along with some crackers, cheese and ham stars to make a Pizza Plant
Against all odds I actually had time to experiment in the morning so I made actual pizza rice crackers for her. Simply spread with a smidgen of pizza sauce and top with a little mozzarella and ham.

The ham offcuts were rolled into a 'flower' and placed beside Wall-E. She had a simple rectangle jam sandwich on multigrain - I think I can get away with calling that the ground for the plant to grow in.
I love this movie. It was one of the last child free ones I saw at the cinema and I'm so glad I can share it with my children now. A children's movie that doesn't have too much scary is a hard thing to find. 

What are your little ones' favourite films?

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