Friday, 24 May 2013

Alice in Wonderland - Mad Hatter

Last week at day care Miss M's class hosted a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. There was a lot of excited build up for the kids & I couldn't help but be inspired & send a week's worth of Wonderland in a Lunchbox. You can see a collection of Pinspiration here.

I'm posting these out of order. Day 4 was Mad Hatter day, you'll have to come back tomorrow to see what I sent on Day 3 ;-)

As today was the Tea Party day I didn't hold much hopes for this lunch being eaten, but I was surprised at how much actually went.

Main compartment I sent:
Vege sticks with dip; cheese & ham sandwich; crackers with cheese & pepperoni top hats; yoghurt with a little treat topper

On top I sent:
Juice; watermelon hearts; teacup treats - see below for how my take on this Pinterest hit!

Miss M actually ate a lot of celery while I was preparing dinner the night I packed this, so I asked if she wanted some carrot sticks to go with her celery sticks in her lunch box. Of course she said yes, and ate the carrots while leaving the celery. At least I know she got some veges into her day with all the cake ;-)

Food picks available through Afiiliates Neat2Eat and Bento USA.

I know somewhere in this house I have one of those 'Happy Birthday' cake toppers that live in the back of every Australian pantry with the stash of half used birthday candles. I just couldn't find it, so my 'Happy Un-Birthday' sandwich just became an 'Un-cake' sandwich instead. Filled with cheese & ham & decorated with picks from the same alphabet set as above & FooDoodlers from Neat2Eat.

I used the circle cutter from the decorative set available again through affiliates Neat2Eat & Bento USA to create these top hats out of cheese & Pepperoni from Walkerston Country Meats. The hat pin (aka food pick) is also available through these affiliates.

I wasn't quite sure how to decorate the yoghurt today, but I thought this little marshmallow & freckle top hat (held together with some jam) was kind of cute

I used the flower cutter from the set above to trim the marshmallow down. Someone had eaten all my mini-marshmallows. . . I wonder who?

These simple watermelon hearts were made with the Luv It Cutter and I ate all the offcuts. I did of course make sure there were lots of offcuts :-)

Available from affiliates Neat2Eat & Bento USA.

My favourite part of this lunch would have to be these cute little teacups.

I used mini cones, raspberry tartlet biscuits, freckles, marshmallows, jam & life save musks or Cadbury rounds. All available from Woolworths.

I wasn't sure which handle would look best so I made one of each. In the end I decided that the Musk handle was nicest.

I did try making these with cup style ice cream cones, but they were too tall for the lunchbox & held too much filling. These would be lovely for a party, cut a little taller & filled with cheesecake mix I think.

Do tune in this week for the rest of this series & check out some of the fantastic lunches that inspired me at Bent On Better Lunches Linky Party below.

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